The Advantages of a Passive Solar Home Design – Luxury & Custom Home Builders Adelaide

By | December 19, 2019

Have you ever thought about wanting to get more from your home? Do you want to live in a house that can harness its own power from its surroundings? If so, then you should convert your current house into a solar passive home. Luxury & custom home builders Adelaide know that a well-designed passive solar home reduces the heat and cooling loads through energy-efficient strategies such as solar power. Currently, one of the most in-demand sources of energy right now, solar has established a reputation as an abundant and efficient power source.


By converting your home into a passive solar shelter, you can take full advantage of what solar can give to you and your home. Continue reading now to discover more about the benefits of living in a solar passive house.

Energy Efficiency Should Always Be First

Before you add solar features into your home design, always remember that energy efficiency is among the most cost-effective strategy for reducing your monthly electric bills. That’s why it’s also essential that you choose luxury & custom home builders Adelaide who are experienced in creating energy-efficient house designs. Once you’ve chosen a reliable team, work closely with them to optimise your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re looking to remodel your existing home, the first step is to audit your home energy. That way, you can determine and prioritise the most cost-effective energy efficiency improvements.


Selecting the Ideal Location

If you’re planning to build a passive solar home, know that a portion of the south side of your house must have an unhindered and unobstructed view of the sun. That’s why when choosing the ideal location for your new home, you should choose the sunniest place possible. That way, you can utilise and take advantage of what solar energy can offer. When installing your solar features, you should keep in mind that the south side of your home is always dedicated for this purpose.


Also, you should install your solar features in areas where abundant and consistent sunlight is present. That way, you will know which areas around your house absorbs the most amount of energy from the sun. Once you’ve selected the right location, you can now start installing your solar energy features.


There are a plethora of benefits that you can get from converting into a passive solar home. For more information about this growing trend, talk to your local team of luxury & custom home builders Adelaide. They’ll be more than willing to help you out