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What Can You Find in a Display Home with Passive Solar Design?

Global warming used to offer us only two choices: either be uncomfortable in the extreme summers and freezing winters or break the bank with ever-increasing electricity and gas costs to regulate indoor temperatures. Fortunately, there is now a third and better option, especially for new home buyers – go for sustainable, passive solar homes. However,… Read More »

Top 3 Tips for Buying GreenLifeSolar Solar Panels Adelaide

Going green and deciding to buy a home solar panel system can be an inspiring and life-changing experience. However, you shouldn’t get too carried away by advertising. Some sellers tend to market their solar panels in a way that will compel you to want to buy from them. But before you fall for their trap,… Read More »

Best and Most Justifiable Reasons to Go Solar

There are other relevant reasons why you should now switch to using solar power instead of fossil fuels aside from its obvious financial benefits. However, when going solar, what other reasons should you consider? For you to go solar – today, we look and write some of its best and justifiable reasons below. Solar… Read More »